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American Sprayed Fibers Products

What do you get with ASF products? A big zero – zero smoke development, zero flame spread, zero fuel contribution. They are also non-corrosive, nontoxic, lightweight, low- maintenance, and resistant to fungal growth. They are manufactured from recycled materials.

All ASFI systems are suitable for exterior and interior application to steel, aluminum, concrete, brick, block, and wood.
Dendamix™ monolithic coating provides exceptional quality, durability, appealing color and texture, plus a high level of sound control and thermal insulation. It is ideally suited to protect steel beams and columns, fire breaks, common walls, vertical wall partitions, lightweight partitioning and metal decking.
Dendamix™ Retrofit is a lightweight cure for breaches in 2-hour fire breaks in condominiums and apartment buildings where single layers of drywall are insufficient for separation in walls, attics and around bathtubs. It solves many conventional repair problems such as removing bathtubs, cabinets, sinks, counters, flooring and tile surrounds. Installation time is significantly reduced to less than one day per living unit.
Dendamix Marine™ is a lightweight coating that will give specified fire protection at a weight not exceeding 7lb/cu. feet, 111 kg/cu. MTR. without the use of pins or mesh.

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