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AFI Construction uses a wide range of products from Isolatek, recognized worldwide in the construction industry for state-of-the-art materials.
Today’s fast paced construction schedules demand higher in-place physical performance characteristics. BLAZE-SHIELD II is a commercial density (15 pcf/240 kg/m3), compositely reinforced portland cement based SFRM designed to endure construction abuse as well as exposure to extreme weather conditions (UL investigated for exterior use). High recycled content, superior durability, no pre-mixing and reduced labor costs to install make BLAZE-SHIELD II the most cost effective SFRM in the world.

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This medium density cement based product is ideal for indirect weather exposure or limited physical abuse. BLAZE-SHIELD HP is designed for use where abrasion resistance due to maintenance traffic is needed.

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A versatile, hand applied fire resistive material designed for patching damaged CAFCO dry-mix and wet-mix spray-applied fire resistive materials. FIBER-PATCH has excellent bonding characteristics and easily adheres to CAFCO dry-mix and wet-mix spray-applied fire resistive materials (SFRM), galvanized or bare steel surfaces.
CAFCO® 300
A durable, wet mix spray-applied fire resistive material (SFRM) designed to provide fire protection to various floor and roof assemblies, steel beams, columns, and joists in commercial construction projects. CAFCO 300 offers the best fire resistance performance per unit thickness of any spray-applied fire resistive material. This means less material is needed to achieve required fire ratings. CAFCO 300 is also very clean and neat in appearance, with a smooth texture and cost efficient application.
A durable “wet mix” spray-applied fire resistive material (SFRM) specifically designed to provide fire protection in retrofit commercial construction projects.
Typical wet spray (gypsum plaster) SFRMs are mixed with water to form a slurry which is conveyed through hoses and dispersed with air at the nozzle. At the end of the day, the material hoses are purged with water to remove any residual plaster so that it doesn’t set up in the hose overnight. This procedure can reduce production time 10 to15 percent per day.

The Solution: CAFCO 300 ES (Extended Set). With CAFCO 300 ES, a contractor is able to leave the material in the hoses overnight or even over the week end without the material setting up.
CAFCO QWIK-SET™ is required to properly set the 300 ES and may be used as an option with standard CAFCO 300 to accelerate the set time. This enables subsequent coats to be quickly applied to the required thickness.
CAFCO® 400
Areas where SFRMs are subject to higher levels of abuse or lifetime maintenance traffic are best served by using CAFCO 400. This cement based medium density SFRM has the same high fire resistance per unit thickness as CAFCO 300. Easy clean-up, durability and lower thickness requirements for fire ratings make CAFCO 400 the preferred choice for medium density SFRM.
Fendolite® M-II is a single package, factory controlled spray-applied fire resistive material (SFRM) based on vermiculite and Portland cement. It is specifically developed for application to structural steel in exterior environments and interior situations (structural columns, beams, steel vessels and skirts) where higher levels of abrasion resistance and hardness are necessary.

Fendolite TG has been developed for application by trowel in areas where spraying is impractical or not permitted.

Fendolite is lightweight, thus significantly reducing dead load, and is also highly durable and resistant to cracking or spalling under mechanical impact. Fendolite M-II and TG are classified by Underwriters Laboratories for up to 4 hours protection in accordance with the Rapid Rise Fire Test (UL 1709).
CAFCO Pre-Coat
A specially formulated adhesive product for use with CAFCO 300, 300ES and CAFCO 400. Pre-Coat is required prior to the application of the SFRMs on corrugated decking, cellular decking, concrete slabs and trench headers.
A unique blend of inorganic mineral wool aggregate and proprietary binders, Heat-Shield offers a combination of features not found in any other spray-applied thermal/acoustical product. Heat-Shield is ideally suited for light gauge steel panels, concrete slab construction, cold storage facilities, or when an R-20 thermal value is required.
CAFCO® SprayFilm® -WB 5™ includes a number of technological breakthroughs that give it the highest levels of Thermal Performance on the market. SprayFilm -WB 5 unlocks the door to exposed interior structural steel design once considered unaffordable. This UL-classified coating requires substantially less material to meet the required fire resistance ratings making it the most efficient, cost effective, water-based intumescent coating in the industry.
CAFCO® SprayFilm® - WB 3 is a water-based, intumescent coating for the fire protection of interior structural steel. It is odorless and has low VOC coatings that comply with governmental health and safety regulations. It is ideally suited for use in situations where a building is already weather tight or in retrofit applications where the surrounding areas remain occupied. The application of SprayFilm - WB 3 will cause little, if any, disruption to surrounding trades or building occupants.
CAFCO® SprayFilm® -WB 4 is a water-based, intumescent coating consisting of polyvinyl acetate resins and inorganic fillers for the fire protection of structural steel. CAFCO SprayFilm -WB4, in conjunction with CAFCO SprayFilm Topseal, is a water-based system investigated by UL for exterior applications. A protective topcoat is applied over the CAFCO SprayFilm in conjunction with an exterior finish coat. The topcoat material can be any color match to provide a durable, decorative, architectural finish.