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13 Why Reasons AFI Construction Uses K-13!

AFI Construction is proud to be a preferred vendor of K-13, the high performance, spray-applied cellulose insulation. K-13 was developed and manufactured by International Cellulose Corporation (ICC), the world’s leader in cellulose spray-applied thermal insulation and acoustical finishes, and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
K-13 is tailored to specific project requirements for:
> Insulation (R value)
> Noise reduction (NRC)
> Color
> Durability
> Condensation control
> Texture
> Aesthetics
With comprehensive features, K-13 gives you advantages at every step of the construction process:
> Usually provides above features at lower installed prices than many common systems such as rigid board and batt insulations, sprayed plasters and acoustical ceilings
> Can be applied to virtually any properly prepared surface configuration of wood, steel, concrete, glass and other common construction surfaces
> Can be sprayed up to five inches thick overhead in one application without mechanical support
> Serves as exposed finish requiring no additional materials
> Manufactured under Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) Classification and Follow-Up service program
> Factory Mutual (FM) approved

K-13 Highlights:


Excellent thermal performance. Sprayed in a monolithic coating, filling cracks, seams, and voids, reducing air infiltration.


Absorbs sounds, reducing noise and making speech and music more intelligible. Ideal for building projects including auditoriums, sports facilities, classrooms, cathedrals, restaurants, parking garages and convention centers.


Made from 80% post-consumer recycled paper. Cellulose takes less energy to make than any other insulation material. Contributes LEED Credits to projects.


Class 1, Class A fire Rating.