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AFI Construction and Monoglass®: The Best Match

Pairing excellence with excellence, AFI Construction is a certified installation contractor of Monoglass® spray-on insulation, the leading spray applied glass fiber insulation in North America.

AFI Construction comes prepared to do the job, with authorized equipment and top-notch crew that has field experience in a variety of jobsite environments. The AFI team delivers in all phases of the installation process, from substrate preparation to mixing and spraying.

Monoglass Means Versatility and Convenience

Monoglass combines soft glass fibers and polymer adhesive to create a non-combustible, non-toxic, thermal and acoustic insulation that can be quickly spray applied to virtually any configuration or surface:

• Gypsum
• Products
• Rigid Fiberglass and Plastic Insulations
• Most Painted Surfaces
• Concrete
• Steel
• Wood
• Glass

With a R-value of 4.00/inch, Monoglass is the solution to difficult-to-insulate areas. Installations of R-20 overhead or R-28 on vertical surfaces can be applied in one pass without costly, slow layering or mechanical support.

Monoglass provides architects, engineers and builders around the world with safe, versatile, cost competitive and effective spray-on insulation for:

• Multi-tenancy residences
• Airports
• Stadiums and Arenas
• Schools
• Hospitals
• Sports Facilities and Gymnasiums
• Office Buildings
• Swimming Pools
High Thermal Value
Excellent Noice Reduction
Quick Installation
Low Cost
No Fungal / Bacterial Growth
"Building Green" approved
Clean and Bright
R-Factor 4.0 / inch, K-Factor 0.25
NRC .75 @ 1"
NRC .95 @ 2"

Horizontal Buildings

Cold floors are elminated without adding combustible elements. Applied below air-conditioned spaces help reduce building cooling time and costs.

Vertical Surfaces

Savings in both heating and cooling costs through exceptionally high thermal value. High R-value reduces thermal shock, particularly in pre-cast concrete and metal buildings.
Freedom of design - difficult configurations are easily insulated at low cost.

Asbestos Replacement

A cost-effective asbestos replacement. Re-insulation is quick and easy.

Condensation Control

Combined with proper ventilation prevents condensation on the internal face of a structure, protecting the structure from corrosion.

Fire Safety

Rated as a Class 1 Building Material per ASTM E-84 and meets the requirements for non-combustible building materials. Does not require re-application of chemicals to maintain flame spread properties, unlike some spray materials. Can be safely installed over materials without affecting fire ratings.

Sound Control Solutions

Provides solutions for sound attenuation control within a confined space such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, factories and schools. Provides solutions for sound levels between spaces such as between suites in multiple tenancy buildings, condominiums, townhouses and office buildings. Helps seal cracks and holes in drywall, fills voids normally left by batt insulations, and seals around plumbing and electrical outlets to prevent sound "leaks".

Marine Applications

Over 100 ships worldwide use Monoglass for its superior thermal properties, acoustical treatment and extremely low temperature services.

Environmental Responsibility

GreenSpec, LEED and Recycled Content
Maded from a combination of post consumer recycled glass and recycle manufacturing glass. The total volume of post consumer material is not less than 25%.